Reserve your 2018 T-shirt!

Free T-shirts!

Wearing an AATX shirt helps unify us to our cause and help folks recognize who we are and what we stand for.

These t-shirts are given as a free gift with any donation amount! We can’t sell them but we recommend a $20 donation. We’re not able to ship them at this time, but if you’re coming to the 2018 RPT Convention you can pick it up at our booth!

This year’s main message is “Ignore Roe”. Regulationism is not the answer to abortion. Abolition is the answer to abortion. Stop Appeasing Evil. Ignore Roe. Establish Justice.

Sample t-shirt

If you need a special order, please add a comment below.

Want to get a t-shirt without a donation? If you’re coming to the convention, why not volunteer to help us gather signatures and get a shirt? Volunteer to help here