Frequent Questions About Abolishing Abortion

In these short videos Bradley Pierce – Executive Director of Abolish Abortion Texas answers common objections and dispels modern day myths as it relates to Abortion, the US Constitution and the Church.

Is Abortion Truly The Law In The United States?

Does The US Constitution Grant A Right To Privacy?

Does The United States Supreme Court Make Laws?

If The Supreme Court Overturned Roe Couldn’t They Just Decide To Legalize Abortion Again Later?

Why Is The Supreme Courts Decision In Roe Vs Wade Unconstitutional?

Do Bills Of Abolition Single Out Mothers?

What Bills Of Abolition Have Been Introduced In The Texas Legislature?

Would A Bill Of Abolition Criminalize Women Who Have Already Had An Abortion?

What About Separation Of Church and State?

Couldn’t Abortive Mother’s Be Wrongfully Imprisoned?

Should Christians Support The Death Penalty?

How to talk to your children about outlawing abortion