2018 Republican Party of Texas Convention

It’s time to mobilize! We need your help!

1) We need you to come to the Republican Party of Texas Convention in San Antonio on June 11th – 16th.

We need volunteers to help spread the message of abolition at the RPT convention. There will be many things to do including: working the AATX booth, gathering petition signatures for abolition, speaking to attendees about abolition, advocating for abolition as a legislative priority of the RPT in the committee process.

This event is vital to the future of abolition legislation in Texas.

The success that we were granted last year with the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act was due in no small part to the foundations laid in the RPT platform and legislative priority. We want to keep those foundations.

Please make the sacrifice to come and participate in this worthy event. Attend as much as you’re able. You won’t regret it.

If you’re only able to come for a couple days, we’d suggest June 14 – 16 as that’s when the main convention is taking place with over 7000+ people attending.

Sign-up to help at the bottom of this page.


2) We need your financial support for the efforts of those going.

We need to raise a total of $7500–and we’re half-way there! For the details of what this money will be used for, please watch the following video and then donate here: http://abolishabortiontx.com/donate/.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdO0ncpbMfU]