“Abortion is an act of self-love”

Abortion an act of "self love"

Fighting abortion is a gospel issue.

Why do I say that?

It is easy as a voter to see this issue as mainly a political one, or as a lawyer to see it as merely a legal one.

But though these are important elements of the fight, they aren’t the root.

The root of abortion is sin, which means the ultimate solution is the Gospel.

The signs that the root problem is sin are everywhere.

Take the signs below for instance. The one on the left belongs to Christians who reach out to abortion-bound moms and dads at an abortion facility. The one on the right was made by pro-abortion supporters to counter their Christian message.


Christian sign (left) and pro-abortion sign mocking (right)

It really can’t be any clearer than that. Abortion is about self-love.

Abortion supporters are openly acknowledging this more and more often. And they aren’t even apologetic about it.

In a recent hearing before the House Oversight Committee, a pro-abortion witness called her own abortion the best decision she ever made and an “act of self-love.”

She isn’t wrong when she says it was an act of self-love.

Jesus said that the two greatest commandments are to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself (treat them as you would want to be treated).

God’s command is clear: love the Lord your God and love your neighbor.

The pro-abortion message is just LOVE YOURSELF, BABY. Period.

The contrast couldn’t be greater.

That’s why we can’t ever expect to defeat the evil of abortion without God’s Word and the Gospel message as our primary foundation.

Abortion is a Gospel issue.
This is why the role of pastors and church leaders in the fight is so important!
What can pastors do?


Many today, even many who say they are Pro-Life, distort the simple message that abortion is murder, that murder is sin according to God, and that the only one who can save sinners and cleanse them from their guilt is Jesus Christ.


Well if murder has really been done, then there must be murderers. If abortion is a sin and a crime before God, and it is, then those who willingly participate in it are guilty.

Women and men who have willfully and knowingly taken their children away to death have innocent blood on their hands.

This is a message many do not want to hear and very few want to give.

Pro-Life talking points often shift responsibility for abortion away from those who actively seek and participate in it and place it solely on the abortion industry.

Those who work for the abortion industry are certainly guilty. God’s Word says cursed is he who takes a bribe to slay the innocent. So those who profit off of taking the lives of innocent babies absolutely have a lot of blood on their hands.

But if the one who takes the bribe to kill an innocent person is cursed by God, what about the one who pays the bribe?

Jesus said that, “Out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder… All these evil things come from within.” (Mark 7:21-23).

Abortion is murder and murder comes out of the heart. This is true whether the victim is a born person or a preborn person.

The heart problem …

The sin problem …

The “love yourself, Baby” problem of abortion MUST be addressed with the Gospel.

Only God can give lovers-of-self new hearts that beat for Him.

Only God can wash our scarlet sins as white as snow.

But God doesn’t stop there. He takes the heart that loves God and, by His Word, trains us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

That is the beauty of the Gospel. It transforms us, and through us transforms the world.

We fight for equal protection of the laws for preborn babies because God commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves. It’s really that simple.

That’s why we reject worldly-wise strategies and unjust legislation that establishes partiality in law, which God says He hates.

We cannot love our neighbors by doing what God hates.

It is the duty of the Church to practice justice and mercy toward the fatherless and to abolish abortion. This is why pastors and church leaders are CRITICAL in this fight.

If you are a pastor or other church leader, please do not underestimate your role in this battle! The Church needs to be equipped to abolish abortion in complete reliance on God and in complete submission to His commands.

That is why the Foundation to Abolish Abortion (FAA) is hosting a one-day Church Leaders Conference to encourage and equip YOU to lead the Church in this fight.

Please come to Houston, Texas, on Friday, August, 19, 2022 for the free FAA Church Leaders Conference. This conference will allow you to fellowship with and learn from faithful pastors who are engaged in the work of abolishing abortion for the glory of God.

The conference is FREE.
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I hope you join us in Houston!

For life, for justice, and for the glory of God,

Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce
Abolish Abortion Texas

P.S. If you are not a pastor or church leader, we ask you to invite your church leaders to the FAA Church Leaders Conference and attend along with them. You may even want to bless your church leaders by sponsoring their travel expenses if you can!