Another chance to abolish abortion…

Dear friend,

Things are happening in the Texas legislature! Let’s take a look at what’s going on in our state.

At the end of the 87th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature in May, we heard whispers that Governor Greg Abbott might hold a special session to address the bills that died in the last one.

And as of Thursday, July 8th, lawmakers are back for that special session which is set to last up to 30 days (and he is expected to call another one after). The office of Governor Abbott released his list of legislative priorities, but unfortunately, it does not include a commitment to completely outlaw abortion.

The only priority listed that limits access to abortion is this one:

“Legislation similar to Senate Bill 394 from the 87th Legislature, Regular Session, which prohibits people from providing abortion-inducing drugs by mail or delivery service, strengthens the laws applicable to the reporting of abortions and abortion complications, and ensures that no abortion-inducing drugs are provided unless there is voluntary and informed consent.”

While SB 394 could reduce access to chemical abortions, this is a FAR cry from our call to abolish abortion.

Encouragingly, this isn’t the end of the story. Representative Bryan Slaton has filed our bill, HB 3326 (under a new number for this special session, HB 103), the one bill that would effectively outlaw abortion across Texas. He isn’t giving up, and neither are we.

Additionally, the Republican Party of Texas has released their list of legislative priorities for this session, and specifically included our bill on that report. What a win!

As abolitionists and as Christians, it’s so important that we show our lawmakers that we the people of Texas care about protecting ALL human life. And because of your involvement, we are, and our legislators are listening.

While we cannot settle, we should celebrate that progress is being made.

We’re here only by the grace of God and because of you.

And we’re committed to this fight until every preborn child in Texas has the right to live.

So I have two things to ask of you right now.

First, would you take a minute to pray for our lawmakers right now? As Christians, we know that prayer is powerful because God is powerful. We don’t know what God is going to do during this special session, but we do know that we can trust Him with the results.

Here’s how you can pray:

  1. that those who are leading us would have wisdom,
  2. that they would listen to our cries for justice for the preborn, and
  3. that their hearts would be moved to use the power they have to protect these precious lives.

And second, as we stand in the trenches fighting for the preborn, we need your support. Every gift you give to Abolish Abortion Texas, no matter how small, goes to fight this battle to rescue the perishing. Even $10 or $5 truly does make a difference.

For life,

Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce
Executive Director
Abolish Abortion Texas

P.S. Lawmakers have convened for a special session the governor called, starting on Thursday, July 8th. Rep. Bryan Slaton has filed our bill once again, which we pray will be instrumental in outlawing abortion in our state. Pray with us! And if it’s on your heart, consider chipping in just a few dollars to Abolish Abortion Texas so we can continue fighting for life.