BILL FILED in Alabama: The Equal Protection Act

BILL FILED in Alabama: The Equal Protection Act

Many people think that Alabama is an abortion-free state.

It isn’t.

But abolitionists in Alabama are working to change that with HB 454, The Equal Protection Act.

As far as we know, HB 454 is the first bill of equal protection for preborn babies to EVER be filed in the state of Alabama.

We are encouraged to see the grassroots work of End Abortion Alabama and the courageous stand House Representative Ernie Yarbrough has taken to file this historic bill.

It has been exciting to work alongside Alabama abolitionists in this effort ever since they first reached out for assistance with drafting their bill. We are committed to supporting the grassroots efforts of equal protection advocates throughout the legislative session as much as we can.

Bradley Pierce with Alabama House Rep. Ernie Yarbrough

Bradley Pierce and Alabama House Rep. Ernie Yarbrough

We went earlier this year to speak to a gathering of Alabama church leaders and pastors along with End Abortion Now and Operation Save America to help equip them to lead in this fight in their own state. This week we were able to travel to Montgomery, Alabama, again to talk directly with legislators and help answer questions about the bill.

But one of the biggest obstacles for HB 454 is that many people in Alabama, including the legislators, think abortion has already been abolished in their state.

Isn’t abortion already abolished in Alabama?

No. It isn’t.

Under current Alabama law, any woman may legally kill her own preborn son or daughter by abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, right up to the moment of birth.

She could even livestream her experience while she takes abortion pills on Alabama soil and shout her abortion on social media, and she would still receive full legal immunity from being prosecuted under Alabama abortion laws.

The Alabama Attorney General reportedly said as much earlier this year.


Because, just like Texas and other Pro-Life states, Alabama law exempts mothers from being subject to the laws against abortion when they abort their own babies.

Here’s what it looks like in Alabama’s homicide code:


Exceptions like this are standard practice in Pro-Life laws across the country. 
This massive loophole is allowing self-induced (a/k/a self-managed) abortion to increasingly dominate the landscape of post-Roe abortion in this country.

In fact, since Roe was overturned, studies indicate that approximately 2,400 abortions annually are estimated to take place in Alabama using abortion pills ordered online.[1]

While headlines continue to say that Alabama has completely banned abortion and that it is now an “abortion-free state,” babies will continue to be legally murdered under Alabama law.

I don’t know about you, but in my book being free to perform your own abortion doesn’t make the state “abortion-free.”

Grassroots efforts make a difference!

Through our work with the Foundation to Abolish Abortion (FAA), we get a frontline view of the progress abolition is making across the country.

Alabama is the eleventh state so far to file an equal protection bill in 2023!👏👏👏

And some states have bills filed in both their House and Senate.

It wasn’t long ago that many people thought getting half that many abolition bills filed in a single legislative season looked impossible. But God is raising up Christians across the country to be a voice for equal protection. And those voices are making a difference.

Even if the effort in your state seems small from your perspective, I can tell you that grassroots work is making a BIG difference.

Here are three ways you can make a difference TODAY:

Get connected. If you live in Alabama, get connected to End Abortion Alabama by signing their petition HERE.

Spread the word about HB 454. Forward this email to your friends, family, and church connections in Alabama to make sure they know about HB 454. Learn about the bill by reading our FAQ page about HB 454.

Donate. The Foundation to Abolish Abortion wants to say YES when advocates request our assistance with drafting strong equal protection legislation. And we want to provide support for those bills through the legislative process. We can’t do that without the investment of people like you. Donate TODAY to help keep us on the frontlines of this fight

Thank you for standing with us!

For life, for justice, and for the glory of God,

Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce
Abolish Abortion Texas
Foundation to Abolish Abortion

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1. See Aiken, Abigail RA, Jennifer E. Starling, James G. Scott, and Rebecca Gomperts. “Requests for self-managed medication abortion provided using online telemedicine in 30 US states before and after the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision.” JAMA 328, no. 17 (2022): 1768-1770. See also White, K., A. Dane’el, E. Vizcarra, L. Dixon, K. Lerma, A. Beasley, J. E. Potter, and T. Ogburn. “Out-of-state travel for abortion following implementation of Texas Senate Bill 8.” Tex Policy Eval Proj (2022).