Texas Senate District 10

Where does your candidate stand?

Keep reading to learn how these SD 10 Republican Primary Candidates responded to our Abolish Abortion Texas candidate survey:

  • Phil King
  • Warren Norred

*listed alphabetically by last name*

49 years.

That is how long abortion has been “legal” in our country.

It was January 22, 1973, when the U.S. Supreme Court handed down their decision in Roe v. Wade, claiming to strike down the Texas law prohibiting the killing of an unborn child.

For far too long, candidates running for office will mouth generic Pro-Life talking points, but do next to nothing once they are in office to protect preborn babies.

Year after year, candidates promise to protect life, but when the time comes to actually uphold the Constitution and establish equal protection, which is an official Priority of the Republican Party of Texas, most don’t keep their promises.

That’s exactly why Abolish Abortion Texas sent a simple questionnaire to every candidate running for the legislature in the March 1st Republican Primary Election.

After all, the position taken on abolishing abortion by the person chosen to represent you in Texas Senate District 10 will affect the lives of over one hundred thousand preborn children just over the next two years.

And that’s why I am writing to you today.

With so little time until the March 1st Primary, it’s vitally important you act today to ensure that your next representative pledges to fight for equal protection for defenseless preborn children.

Where Do Candidates Stand in SD 10?

With so little time until the March 1st Primary, it’s vitally important you act today to ensure that your next representative pledges to fight for equal protection for defenseless preborn children.

In the Republican primary for Senate District 10, there are two candidates vying for the nomination: Phil King and Warren Norred.

With the deadline passing to return our candidate questionnaire on February 4, Phil King is the ONLY candidate for Senate District 10 who has REFUSED to return our survey!

Candidate Warren Norred returned his survey, and pledged to fully support abolishing abortion in Texas!

By taking the AATX pledge, Norred is pledging to be a fighter for the preborn in Austin.

He is pledging to stand against the evil idea that murdering babies is a “right.” He’s pledging to stand for the God-given and Constitutional right of equal protection for preborn babies by supporting legislation to abolish abortion in Texas.

However, candidate Phil King refused to answer.

It is alarming that any Republican candidate would refuse to answer a survey which should be easy to answer. We are only asking them if they agree with and intend to follow through on the Platform, Principles, and Priorities of the Republican Party of Texas when it comes to abolishing abortion.

But King is refusing to pledge to stand by the Republican Party of Texas Platform, Principles, and Legislative Priorities which call for the immediate abolition of abortion.

Not only that, but on just the third day of the 2021 regular session, King even voted AGAINST requiring a vote to abolish abortion before renaming roads or bridges (House Record Vote No. 23).

Is giving a ROAD a legal name more important to King than protecting a human BABY so they can survive long enough to get one too?

Publicly pledging to support the Republican Party platform, Principles, and Legislative Priority during the Republican Primary should be easy, yet Phil King, candidate for Senate District 10, remains unwilling to pledge to do so.

Politicians who refuse to take any real position in defense of the preborn today are likely to be the first ones to cave once they are in office.

I’ve seen it too many times…

You can make a difference NOW

Right now in the days leading up to the Primary Election is the very best time to lobby candidates for office. It is when they are most sensitive to grassroots pressure.

That’s why it’s important to reach out to candidate Warren Norred to thank him for returning his AATX Candidate Survey. Please urge him to stand strong in the fight to end abortion completely.

So before the March 1st Republican Primary, please contact Warren Norred to thank him for his unequivocal stance against abortion and encourage him to stand strong.

And also be sure to contact Phil King and urge him to pledge to follow the Priorities of Texas Republicans. Urge him to return his AATX survey pledging 100% support for abolishing abortion in Texas.

With the lives of preborn children at stake, your activism is important in this crucial time.

Thank you and God bless.

For Life, for Justice, and for the Glory of God,

Bradley Pierce
Bradley Pierce
Abolish Abortion Texas