Abolitionist Forces Runoff Against Pro-Life Incumbent in HD 91

Abolitionist David Lowe Forces Runoff Against Pro-Life Incumbent Stephanie Klick in HD 91

Abolition is winning ground in Texas.

That’s a fact that Pro-Life politicians are learning they cannot ignore.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the Republican Primary race for Texas House District 91.

Abolitionist Forces Runoff Against Pro-Life Incumbent in HD 91

This week, we saw abolitionist candidate David Lowe force a runoff against Pro-Life incumbent Stephanie Klick. And the Klick campaign definitely had deeper pockets to draw from.

Yet in spite of being outspent by more than 3 to 1, Lowe was able to take Klick’s 15 point lead in early voting down to just 4 points on Election Day and force a one-on-one runoff.

That is a BIG indicator that the playing field is changing in Texas. Deep pockets alone are no longer enough to beat the heartfelt conviction of a grassroots campaign that stands as Christians to reject pragmatism and compromised strategies and calls for the total and immediate end of abortion in Texas.

With his openly abolitionist campaign, Lowe drew enough of the vote to force a runoff election for HD 91, and the momentum is on his side.

This is big news for abolition in Texas. Here’s why…

Incumbent Republican Stephanie Klick regularly champions the usual compromised Pro-Life legislation and she carries endorsements from every major Pro-Life organization in Texas (and some beyond Texas).

Klick has garnered all the accolades and credentials anyone with a Pro-Life political career could ever want. She is the shining star (they call her a hero) of the Pro-Life establishment in Texas. And she has been given enough money from the Pro-Life lobby and other special interests to far outspend every other candidate for HD 91.

With all that going for her, she should have had it in the bag, right?

Yet she fell short on March 1 and she faces a very real possibility of being removed from office by Republican voters in the May 24 runoff.

The big question is: Why?

Informed Voters Make a Difference

Why did such a model Pro-Life candidate lose so many votes to an abolitionist?

Among other reasons, it’s because people in HD 91 went to the voting booth informed about what was really going on.

They knew that in 2021 when HB 3326, the bill to abolish abortion, was waiting to be heard, Rep. Stephanie Klick (HD91) was chair of the committee and had the power to give the bill a hearing … or not.

They knew that Klick decided to kill the bill to abolish abortion by refusing to even give it a hearing!

They knew that because we told them.

Like we promised we would, we held her accountable by telling her constituents the truth about what she had done.

Yet Klick didn’t apologize for killing the abolition bill. She dug in her heels.

Remember now, Klick isn’t a pro-abortion Democrat. She claims to be a Pro-Life Republican who is fighting for the babies.

Why would Stephanie Klick, a Republican endorsed by every major Pro-Life organization in Texas, kill a bill to abolish abortion without apology?

It’s a question worth asking LOUDLY.

Unfortunately, we can’t assume that everyone who says they are Pro-Life actually wants to abolish abortion by doing what it takes to stand up to the Supreme Court and provide equal protection. In fact, we should assume that any politician unwilling to publicly pledge to support abolition actually opposes those things.

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Failed Strategies Keep Failing

For 49 years, Pro-Life legislators have been following all of the same “tried and true” strategies year after year after year. Texas is the biggest Pro-Life state in the nation and we have passed just about every kind of Pro-Life legislation there is. We have regulated the methods of killing and banned specific procedures. We have placed limits on how, when, where, and by whom children may be aborted. We even made rules about how the bodies of dead aborted children must be disposed of.

Yet with all that pragmatic strategizing and passing of compromised laws, tens of thousands of babies are still being aborted every year in compliance with Texas laws.

Babies are still murdered here in Texas every single day.

This doesn’t sit right with a lot of people. I think you’re one of them. I know I am.

We have done virtually everything EXCEPT the most obvious things–say no to the Supreme Court and say yes to God and the Constitution by protecting people in the womb with the same laws protecting them outside of it.

AATX Holds Candidates Accountable

The truth is that Pro-Life candidates often get away with saying they love life and will protect babies but when they are in office they do very little or even the opposite. Until AATX, candidates generally weren’t held accountable when they compromised with babies’ lives.

Voters were often left in the dark about what was really going on in Austin so they couldn’t make informed decisions. And the major Pro-Life organizations, who should have been keeping you informed, continue giving their stamp of approval to candidates like Stephanie Klick who betrayed babies behind closed doors.

That’s why the race in HD 91 is so exciting!

Though the AATX budget is a small fraction of what many Pro-Life organizations are working with, we still worked hard to make sure Texans in Klick’s district were informed that no matter how Pro-Life she says she is, she has so far proven herself to be an enemy of truly abolishing abortion. We hope and pray she repents of this, whether she remains in office or not.

Meanwhile, David Lowe pledged to work to abolish abortion and establish Constitutional equal protection for babies immediately, no matter what federal courts might say.

Abolition is a message that resonates with people who want to honor God and love their preborn neighbors as themselves.

When people see the truth, it makes a real difference.

In the Klick-Lowe race, we see that even a well-funded Republican incumbent and hero of the Pro-Life establishment is no longer guaranteed a win in Texas, especially if what they are actually doing is fighting against abolishing abortion.

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That’s huge progress for abolition.

Abolition is Growing in Texas

Growing numbers of people like you and me are dissatisfied with what we’ve been getting as a result of our past Pro-Life votes.


The sooner the people demand consistency and courage from their candidates on the issue of abortion, the sooner we will get it.

Things are changing in Texas, but there is still so much work to be done. While Texans are better informed on this issue than ever, many are still uninformed and left in the dark by the Pro-Life politicians and groups they have trusted. As AATX continues to keep voters informed and holds politicians accountable, it is only going to get harder for candidates like Klick to keep their compromises and betrayals hidden.

The story isn’t over in HD 91 and it will only get more intense in the coming weeks as Lowe and Klick move toward a runoff on May 24. The Pro-Life establishment isn’t going to let their heavily-endorsed candidate be knocked out without a fight.

As part of that, there will undoubtedly be considerable resources put into muddying the waters on the issue of abolition, which is why the work of AATX is so important right now. Keeping Texans informed about the truth is CRITICAL to abolishing abortion.

Are you happy with the situation for babies in Texas right now?

What do YOU want?

Do you want another 49 years of false hope and failed strategies, while another 63 million+ babies die?

Or do you want to stand on God’s Word and the Constitution? Do you want to reject compromise, trust God instead of pragmatic strategies, and do what’s right?

The strategy of abolitionists is to trust and obey God. When we do that, it brings glory to God and blessing for our state and our nation.

I hope that you are an abolitionist and that you are with us.

If you are with us, please chip in as much as you can TODAY to help us keep Texans informed during this pivotal time!

The people of Texas are sending a strong message to the Pro-Life establishment and Republican politicians that we want abolition and are no longer willing to continue compromising with the murder of babies.

I praise God for the work He is doing in this state and look forward to seeing what He will do as we trust and follow Him.

For life, for justice, and for the glory of God,

Bradley Pierce
Bradley Pierce
Abolish Abortion Texas