Add Your Name to the ONLY Abolitionist Supreme Court Brief


At AATX, we want to mobilize Christians to abolish abortion. We know that we can’t do this alone.

First, we need God’s favor if we are going to be successful. We cannot expect God to bless our efforts unless we are obedient to Him. That’s why we want to fight using His ways instead of following compromised strategies.

Second, we need Christians everywhere to stand up with us and make their voices heard.

Our civil authorities need to hear that we are tired of half measures and weak substitutes and we won’t accept them any longer. We don’t want to regulate abortion like it is healthcare. It isn’t healthcare, it is murder.

They need to hear that we want them to honor God and the Constitution, as they have sworn in their oaths of office to do, by establishing equal protection for preborn babies NOW.

That’s why we submitted our Friend of the Court brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in the Dobbs v. Jackson case.

Our brief is the ONLY abolitionist brief that has ever been submitted to the Court (you can read the brief here).

Our brief is the only one urging the Court to do their Constitutional, God-given duty of not only overturning Roe but also ruling that states must obey the Constitution and provide the equal protection of their laws to ALL people, including preborn people.

That’s why the brief is so important. It is our opportunity to be a voice for the voiceless in our highest court.

We are grateful that 21 organizations signed on to support this brief along with 20 state legislators. And you can add your name in support as well!

You can add your name to the list of Americans who support our brief when you sign the petition NOW.

The Supreme Court justices will be able to see your name listed along with all the other supporters who have signed their names to support our brief.

We want to show the Supreme Court that there is tremendous support for overturning Roe AND for establishing equal protection as the Constitution requires.

Thank you for standing with us to be a voice for the voiceless.

For life, for justice, and for the glory of God,

Bradley Pierce
Bradley Pierce
Abolish Abortion Texas

P.S. Remember to sign the petition TODAY. Show your support for abolishing abortion and establishing equal protection by adding your name to the brief. Then SHARE the petition with your friends!