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Abortion numbers are going up.

Roe v. Wade is gone, but abortion is alive and GROWING in America.
In fact, the data from the first six months of this year indicates that by the end of 2023, over 1.1 million preborn babies will have been murdered by abortion in this country.[1]

That means that if abortions continue at current rates to the end of the year, we will see an increase of over 90,000 abortions from 2020 to 2023. That’s the highest number of abortions in this country in 13 years.📈

God have mercy, that’s a lot of innocent blood.

While some headlines claim that as many as 14 states are now abortion-free, the numbers tell a different story. Thousands of babies are still being legally killed in these states even though they claim to have banned abortion.

This sobering data brings me to a critical question...

Are you an abolitionist?

I asked students at Cedarville University this question recently as I explained what’s really going on with abortion in this country. You can see that presentation in the video above. 👆

Are you an abolitionist? is a critical question for every Christian to ask as we take stock of where we are at in this fight now that Roe is gone.

The reality is that the current landscape of abortion in much of the country has largely been shaped by 50 years of Pro-Life lawmaking. And Pro-Life laws currently protect a woman’s right to abort her baby through all nine months of pregnancy, right up to the moment of birth… as long as she does it herself.

Women have complete legal immunity when they seek abortions even in states that have supposedly banned abortion. Pro-Life laws treat every woman who aborts her baby as 100% innocent, even if she shouts her abortion on social media, performs a satanic abortion ritual, or takes abortion pills on the Supreme Court steps.

Today, innocent preborn babies are denied the equal protection of the laws in all 50 states.

Do you like that landscape?🤔

Maybe it bothers you like it does me.

Let me ask you…

✅ Do you want abortion to actually be abolished?

✅ Do you want the laws that protect your life and mine to protect the lives of preborn babies too?

✅ Do you think that murdering anyone should be illegal for everyone because everyone is created in the image of God?

✅ Do you want “victories” in some short-term skirmishes, or do you want to truly win the whole war?

Are you ready for a better strategy?

I hope you’ll watch my presentation in the video above 👆 where I talk about what we need to do to make these things a reality.

Now is not the time to keep following the same Pro-Life strategies that have dominated the fight against abortion for over 50 years. Look where that has gotten us.

We are seeing the results of compromised strategies play out right now. Child sacrifice remains unabated to the tune of 1.1 million lives in the first full year without Roe.

Now is the time to reject worldly-wise strategies that compromise the righteous principles God has given us in His Word.

We must commit ourselves to fighting the evil of abortion God’s way and trust Him for the results.

If you’re saying “Amen!” to all of this, maybe you are an abolitionist. 🙌

Please take the time to watch the video above and help grow this movement by sharing it with others.

I hope you’re with us in this fight until every baby is equally protected by law.

For life, for justice, and for the glory of God,

Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce
Abolish Abortion Texas
Foundation to Abolish Abortion

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