Did You Get Your AATX T-Shirt Yet?

Dear Friend,

Abortion is the evil of our time and it must be abolished. Get a t-shirt to identify yourself with the movement to totally and immediately abolish abortion. Get one for a friend or family member too!

Abolish Abortion Texas has a charcoal grey and white abolitionist t-shirt with gold trim available for a donation of $25 per shirt plus shipping.

The store is open from now through December 8th.

Once the store has closed, the shirts will be printed and shipped. Printing and shipping takes about two weeks from the close of the store.

[Click HERE to order your abolitionist t-shirt]

The triangle on the shirt represents the pyramids of Egypt, and in the Bible, Egypt represents the world. Egypt is often used as a Biblical type to represent the world which Christians are spiritually delivered out of in Christ just as the Hebrews were physically delivered out of Egypt.

As abolitionists, we know the world is upside down. Its religion, its morality, its laws – are all upside down. For goodness’ sake, the murder of preborn children is legal and practiced abundantly. The world is upside down, so the triangle on the shirt is upside down.

But while the world is upside down, abolitionists bring a message that can turn it right side up. A message to redeem the world and redeem those caught in the snares of sin: the Gospel of the kingdom.

Texan abolitionists are represented on the shirt by our state bird, the Mockingbird, carrying the iconic yellow rose of Texas.

Order your abolitionist t-shirt today by clicking the link below!

[Click HERE to order your abolitionist t-shirt]

All of the proceeds from this t-shirt go toward Abolish Abortion Texas’ efforts.

We’re thankful for every t-shirt order and we hope that many conversations about the Gospel and about the abolition of abortion are sparked by this shirt!

God bless,

Wesley Thomas