Gavin Newsom doesn’t like what we have to say

Gavin Newsom doesn't like what we have to say

Texas Democrats are LYING about us

Texas Democrats targeted Abolish Abortion Texas this week after a Democrat Chair published a video supposedly exposing our violent intent toward women who have abortions.[1]

The video was taken during a presentation Paul Brown, the director of policy at AATX, made to a group of Texas Republicans with the True Texas Project.

After the Texas Democrats publicized the video on X, it got attention far beyond Texas.

Radically pro-abort California Governor Gavin Newsom reposted it spreading the lies even further and he warned pro-abortion forces across the country that we should not be ignored.

Remember, Newsom is the Governor that is so supportive of baby murder, that he put up billboards in Texas after Roe v. Wade was overturned to invite Texas women to come kill their babies in California.

WOW, the pro-aborts are really angry

The supposedly expose video of our policy director Paul Brown has already been viewed by over 800,000 people in less than two days, and even made Newsweek.[2]

What did He say that got the abortion-squad so upset?

He said what any God-fearing, Bible-believing Christian should say…

“There’s no difference in the value of born people and preborn people.”

And, “What gives human beings objective eternal value is that we are made in the image of God.”

He’s exactly right!

The problem is that the Democrats and their pro-abortion activists DO think that they, as born people, are more valuable than preborn people. They think that because preborn babies are smaller and weaker and can’t speak for themselves, that they don’t matter.

They openly display their bigotry toward helpless preborn babies. And they aren’t even ashamed of it.

We’re just being consistent

Since Paul really believes that all human beings are created in the image of God and that life begins at conception…

He went on to say that, “Abortion is murder and that’s starting at fertilization.”

And that AATX, “Would never endorse or be okay with abortions in the instance of incest or rape. We shouldn’t charge a child with the crimes of their father.”

The pro-aborts seem to have missed it, but he was actually advocating AGAINST doing violent things to innocent people. Maybe they need to watch that video a few hundred thousand more times.

Jailing women is not the goal

The truth is that Paul also made it very clear that jailing women is not the goal of equal protection for babies.
He actually said we don’t want ANY women to go to jail. What we actually want is to have good laws that prevent women from even considering abortion in the first place. He said that, “The good news is that when you treat abortion like murder, we should expect it to decrease significantly.”

And he is exactly right. Good laws prevent MANY people from doing bad things.

This isn’t complicated.

Laws of equal protection are good for both babies and women.

If you agree, we need you to stand with us.

Texas Democrats, pro-abortion politicians like Gavin Newsom, media outlets across the country, and so many others want to confuse the very simple issue of equal protection with lies and misinformation.

Equal protection is simple. The laws that protect our lives should protect the lives of preborn babies.

If that’s a message you can get behind, please partner with us TODAY.

It is critical for us to act quickly to counter the lies with the clear and simple truth.

Help ensure we can get the TRUTH out by becoming a Sustaining Member and making a monthly donation to support our work!

Can we count on you today?

Thank you for standing with us until abortion is completely abolished in Texas and every baby is equally protected by law.

For life, for justice, and for the glory of God,

Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce
Abolish Abortion Texas
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