House Public Health committee hearing – 4.7.21

As abolitionists, we have an opportunity next week to speak against pro-life bills which are being heard in the Texas House Public Health committee.
Chairwoman Stephanie Klick has called a hearing for next WEDNESDAY, April 7th beginning at 8am for these pro-life bills among others:
  • Texas Heartbeat Act (HB 1515)
  • Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (HB 3218)
  • Human Life Protection Act, trigger ban (HB 1280)
Unfortunately as of now Chairwoman Klick has not included the only billed filed which would completely abolish abortion in Texas, HB 3326 in this hearing.
Nevertheless, we are asking folks to join us to speak against these bills. HB 1515, HB 3218 further regulate abortion instead of abolishing it and fail to provide equal protection to ALL unborn children in Texas. These bills also try to slowly chip away at Roe v. Wade instead of ignoring it as the unconstitutional edict that it is. HB 1280 is a trigger ban bill that would only go into effect if the Supreme Court overturns Roe themselves.
Please come if you are able, public testimony is expected to start after 12pm and last into the night.