Much more to be done!

Dear friend,

As you know, we’ve delivered your petitions to the Texas Attorney General thanking him for fighting in the courts for preborn children and urging him to enforce the order to shut down abortion clinics in our state.

But there is more (much more!) that we as Christians can be doing right now.

First, a quick update.

The latest news in the court battle is that the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Texas can block pill-induced abortions during the shutdown.

However, the court has previously ruled that abortions approaching the 20-week deadline could continue.

(As a brief aside, I hope you know that it has never been the aim of Abolish Abortion Texas to support policy which regulates just SOME abortions–to ban some while allowing others.

We aim for the complete and total abolition of abortion by providing equal protection to all preborn people; we do not believe in pursuing policies which perpetuate and legitimize discrimination against our preborn neighbors.

Nevertheless, if there are laws or orders on the books which could save some preborn children, we believe that it is right and good to call upon our civil government to enforce those existing laws and orders, even if they may be flawed.

Ok, back to today.)

The sober reality today is, even if the Governor, Attorney General, and local Law Enforcement did enforce the Governor’s orders, that alone is no guarantee that babies will be saved.

Here is what I mean.

Under the court rulings, the Governor’s order currently prohibits pill-induced abortions, which typically take place up until 10 weeks.

The order would also prohibit surgical abortions, but according to the court, only until 20 weeks.

This means that, even if the order is enforced, all of these babies can still be aborted at some point.

Of course, our government should completely ban all abortions permanently, and we have and will continue to urge them to do that.

But if our civil leaders chose merely to enforce the order within the court’s parameters, it would still buy these babies some time.

That is where you and I come in.

Buying these babies some time gives us more opportunities to reach their mothers and those with influence in their lives with love, hope, and the Gospel message of repentance and redemption.

It gives these mothers time to change their minds.

Because, you see, the ultimate reason 50,000+ babies are murdered each year in our state by abortion is not just because of the failure of our civil government (though addressing that is extremely important).

It is predominantly because individual Texans are choosing death for their own children.

It’s sad, but true.

So we need to reach these women and those with influence in their lives.

And we need to be doing it all the time, but especially right now.

COVID-19 has a lot of people really scared, and Satan and the Abortion Industry are preying on those fears to steal, kill, and destroy.

So here is what I want to ask you to do:

Pastors, I respectfully beseech you to be preaching to your local church about what God’s Word says about abortion (I do not presume to know more than you about the subject, but here are some of my thoughts that I hope and trust you find helpful); and please be equipping the saints in your local body to do the work of ministry to those stumbling to the slaughter.

Sisters, may I ask you to encourage other women in your church and community? Please encourage them, as Titus 2 instructs, to be pure and to love their children.

Brothers, please encourage the men in your church and community to do the same and, as Titus 2 also instructs, to be self-controlled/sober-minded and, as 1 Timothy 5 says, to provide for their own.

To all Christians, if you know someone who is pregnant who could be considering ending the life of their child, please reach out to them right now with the love of Christ, not just in word, but also in deed.

Of course, there are many more biblical truths with which we should be encouraging and admonishing one another, but these are just a few ideas to get started.

The bottom line is that now is not the time to withdraw into our caves.

Now is the time to reach our hearts and hands out to those who are hurting, even if it’s from their own sin and foolish choices (which is exactly where Christ reached all of us).

Most of all, we must be bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to bear against this evil in our land, and God has placed you and me on this earth for such a time as this to be His witnesses to our generation.

So please be praying.

And if you’re afraid to take action, pray that God would give you a perfect love to cast out your fear of man, fear of failure, or whatever fear may be holding you back from reaching out to others.

We may not learn the effects of our prayers and actions soon.

We may not even know them in this lifetime.

But I have confidence that God will take and use our meager mustard seeds of faith to move mountains for His glory, to save lives, to save SOULS, and–I pray–to heal our land.

God be with you.

Bradley Pierce
Executive Director
Abolish Abortion Texas