Unconditional Submission – Dobbs Supreme Court Brief – Paperback


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Get a paperback copy of this historic brief.

This legal brief in paperback form, signed by 20 other organizations
and 20 public officials, was filed with the Supreme Court
of the United States on July 29, 2021, by the Foundation
to Abolish Abortion. To our knowledge, this brief is the
first time that the abolitionist position on abortion has
been presented to the Supreme Court.

The brief was an opportunity to address the Supreme
Court, to reach a broader audience with the message of
abolition, and to leave a historical record of standing for
life and justice against tyranny. Above all, the purpose of
filing the brief was to glorify God.

We aim in the brief to be respectful of the constitutional
institution of the Court, yet strong and in earnest. God’s
image is being slain with impunity and His law is being
trampled underfoot. Children are dying and so is our
country unless something seriously changes.