Should Christians celebrate incremental legislation?

Is there a way that Christians can rejoice in an incremental approach?

If a heartbeat bill or 15-week ban passes, should we rejoice in that?

If even just a few babies are saved, isn’t that something to celebrate?

These are good questions and ones people ask me often. For those of us who hate the evil of abortion and what it does to our preborn neighbors, we naturally want to celebrate anything that appears to abate even a little bit of the bloodshed.

As with any question, the most important thing to consider is: What does God say about this?

This is a critical thing to understand because honoring God must always be our first goal in this fight. Without His blessing, we will never truly win the victory over child sacrifice in this country.

I had an opportunity to answer this question earlier this year at the annual Founders Ministries conference. You can hear my answer in the brief video above 👆

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Thank you for standing with us in this fight.

For life, for justice, and for the glory of God,

Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce
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