More Texas Legislators Agree to Co-author Abolition Act

On January the 24th a coalition of abolitionists, prolifers, pastors and young people gathered at the capital to lobby their Texas legislators to support HB 948.

We called on our legislators to abolish abortion in Texas by helping co-author HB 948 and supporting this historic legislation. Abortion in Texas must end and God has raised up a warrior in State Representative Tony Tinderholt to introduce this bill.

As of January the 26th, seven co-authors have signed onto HB948. We thank them for their support and will continue to lobby others to join them in this cause.

Continue to voice your support for HB948 to your legislators. Tell your friends too! Your Texas State representatives need to hear from you!



We want to continue to build our coalition of Christians in Texas united under the common desire to abolish abortion in Texas. If you are a Christian in Texas and this is your desire, we need your help in this fight!

Follow us, invite your friends to follow us. Let’s come together and fight this battle.