THE DEBATE: Gradualism vs. Abolitionism

One of the defining discussions taking place today on the topic of ending abortion is the methodology we as Christians should use regarding how to go about working to eliminate abortion in America. There are generally two main camps. Gradualist (also know as incrementalist) and Abolitionist.

Those who subscribe to the Gradualist standpoint argue that the prudent way to end abortion is to incrementally chip away at the legal framework that legitimizes abortion (Roe v. Wade, etc.) by enacting strategic legislation that places cracks in that framework. All the while, Gradualists propose working to make the supreme court more conservative so when Roe v. Wade can and is challenged before the court that the more conservative court will overturn Roe and the supposed “right to an abortion” will be no more. Advocates for this position argue that hearts and minds must be changed to be more friendly toward unborn life before lasting change can be accomplished in the culture.

On the other side are those who fall into the abolitionist camp and they argue that the Roe v. Wade decision is fatally flawed as unconstitutional and that states are duty bound to ignore such illegitimate rulings. They argue that we should not wait for the court to correct itself but that we should demand that states stand up and defy such blatantly unconstitutional rulings. Where the court has ignored the Constitution we ought to ignore the court. They hold that this perspective is not lawless but acting in accordance with the checks and balances our founders designed our government to operate within. Advocates for this position argue that the law is a tutor which directs and changes culture and that culture can change when our laws are consistent with God’s laws.

There are many more nuances of this debate and many well-meaning folks fall into both of these camps but we at Abolish Abortion Texas land squarely in (no surprise here) the abolitionist camp. Recently Bradley Pierce our Executive Director had a spirited discussion with Thomas Umstattd Jr. a longtime pro-life activist on the Luke Macias show about this very distinction.

During the podcast, both sides of this discussion were laid out. This is a helpful listen to better your understanding of this important difference from a practical and historical perspective. We know it’s long but take a listen and be informed.

We believe strongly that abolitionism is the way to go about this battle and that not only is it our best option but it is the most biblical option and one which God has and will continue to bless with success.

Gradualism has been tried in many flavors for decades since the Roe v. Wade decision with limited success while compromising principles along the way.

The time for abolition is now.

Please let us know what you think. We would love to hear your thoughts.