Think Texas is an abortion-free state? Think again.

Think Texas is an abortion-free state? Think again.

Have you seen this video? 😰

You will not be the same after watching it.

I wasn’t.

The issue of self-managed abortion is being ignored by too many people. And the best way to understand what is really happening in Texas right now is to watch it for yourself.

If a woman can self-manage her own abortion right here on Texas soil when it was supposedly banned already…

If she can then broadcast that she did it in the New York Times without violating any Texas abortion laws…

…something is wrong.

In fact, this woman’s story destroys many myths we often hear about women who get abortions.

Women who get abortions don’t know what they are doing.

No woman WANTS an abortion if she knows she has other options.

Women are always victims of abortion.

I encourage you to watch it and listen to what she is actually saying.

Babies need the equal protection of the laws

This is why our fight is far from over.

No matter who they are, no one should have the “right” to willfully and knowingly murder a single innocent child.

That isn’t an extreme idea. It is simply practicing the Golden Rule toward babies in the womb.

We must keep fighting for the equal protection of the laws for ALL babies from the moment they are conceived.

People like you keep us strong in this fight by supporting our work.

Please chip in your donation of $25, $50, $100, or even more today to help us fight for equal protection until EVERY baby is protected by law.

For life, for justice, and for the glory of God,

Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce
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