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Pro-Life Lobby Opposes Equal Protection in Missouri Again

Roe is gone.

Now that Pro-Life legislators and lobbyists can no longer point to a court opinion as the reason they won’t abolish abortion, we get to see where they really stand.

And often, where Pro-Life leaders stand is in opposition to equal protection for babies.

Look what happened in Missouri just this week…😲

Legislators pre-filed abolition bills in both the Missouri House and Senate (HB 1508 and SB 775).

Through our work with the Foundation to Abolish Abortion, we helped draft these bills. They aren’t complicated. They simply provide the equal protection of the laws to preborn babies so that the same laws that already protect the lives of born people would also protect the lives of preborn people. The act of murdering anyone would be illegal for everyone. Simple.

It didn’t take long for Pro-Life leaders to come out against our bills.

Longtime Pro-Life lobbyist Samuel Lee with Campaign Life Missouri, promised to use his considerable influence with Pro-Life lawmakers to kill bills that would provide equal protection to innocent babies in Missouri.

In statements to the press he said, “We will vigorously testify against them and strongly urge other members of the legislature to vote them down.”[1]

And on social media he announced that they were dead on arrival.

We don’t have to wonder if he’s serious because he has killed abolition bills before.

In fact, when I traveled to Missouri earlier this year to testify in a Senate committee hearing on behalf of the last equal protection bill that was filed in Missouri, Lee was one of the two people to testify AGAINST our bill.

You can watch my testimony and his right here, it’s only a few minutes long 👇

Lee is making good on his promise to kill our bills.

While right now in Missouri Senate Bill 775 still stands, House Bill 1508 was withdrawn by the bill sponsor after pressure from Pro-Life leaders.😡

This shows you what we are up against every time we draft and file equal protection legislation. We face this kind of opposition here in Texas and across the country.

In every state where we help get abolition bills filed, Pro-Life lobbyists, leaders, and legislators activate to OPPOSE them.

That’s why we need you with us in this fight.

We are not only up against organizations like Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion activists…

We are facing incredibly destructive opposition from many who say they believe in the sanctity of life and who should be on our side. But they’re not.

And as we saw in Missouri, Planned Parenthood doesn’t hardly have to show up to oppose our bills because the Pro-Life groups do it for them.

Will you invest in our work in 2024?

We are committed to drafting strong equal protection legislation and providing critical support to abolitionist advocates in Texas and across the country until the lives of ALL babies are equally protected by law.

While some Pro-Life organizations channel their resources to OPPOSE equal protection…

We refuse to dilute the impact of donations like yours by supporting compromised legislation that rejects God’s commands and leaves vulnerable babies unprotected.

We work hard to make your donation, and every donation, count in the fight for equal protection.

We want to stay on the front lines of this fight and people like you make that possible.

Will you join us TODAY with a donation of any amount?

For life, for justice, and for the glory of God,

Bradley Pierce





Bradley Pierce
Abolish Abortion Texas
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