Join me in 4 weeks for dinner and the Gospel.

A special invite from co-laborer Jeff Durbin


Most people talk about abortion as a political issue.

When I speak to the issue of abortion, I speak as a Christian and a pastor.

Sure, abortion is a political issue, but it is also a morality issue, a justice issue, a loving your neighbor issue. Ultimately, what we do about abortion in this nation is an obedience to Jesus issue.

A number of years ago, I was convicted by the gap between what I said about abortion, “I’m pro-life,” and what I was doing about abortion. When I heard brother Rusty Thomas speak about the bloodguilt our nation has incurred before God because of abortion, it wrecked me.

In God’s providence, that eye-opening moment of repentance launched a journey for me and my brothers and sisters at Apologia Church that has deeply changed us.

We have been experiencing what it means for the Body of Christ to love our preborn neighbors as we go out to the abortion mills and we help other churches do the same.

But not only that…

We are experiencing what it looks like to bring a prophetic, Biblical voice to the legislatures and officers of our state and others demanding that they uphold justice by providing equal protection to our preborn neighbors. It is their duty under God.

In short, we are calling on our civil rulers to obey Jesus.

People wonder why I do this as a pastor. I am told I should just stick to the Gospel. Aren’t church and state supposed to be separate anyway?

Friends, I call on civil authorities to obey Jesus BECAUSE I want to be faithful to the Great Commission. It is that simple.

Jesus says that ALL authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him. AND He commissions His people to teach the nations to obey Jesus.

That is what I do when I speak to legislators.

And that is what AATX does as they testify in Senate committee meetings, or hold rallies at the Capitol, or analyze legislation to help voters understand whether a law is righteous.

This is the grassroots work of teaching the state of Texas to obey Jesus and love our preborn neighbors as ourselves.

It is exciting to see AATX, and this growing movement of Christians, working tirelessly to ensure that preborn babies have an uncompromising voice in Texas calling on lawmakers to do what is RIGHT instead of what is EASY.

I thank God for the work being done here.

That’s why I want you to join me and AATX for an Appreciation Dinner and Fundraiser in Frisco, Texas on November 6.

We are gathering to give thanks for the work the Lord is doing.

We expect the evening to be an encouraging time of fellowship for everyone. I will be bringing you a message I pray will encourage you in this difficult battle.

Bradley Pierce will give us an update on where things stand in Texas and look to the future, and we will welcome special guest Representative Bryan Slaton who filed the most recent Texas bills to abolish abortion. Brother Rusty Thomas, who got me into the fight in the first place, will be joining us as well.

Friends, we know that Jesus is not defeated, He is on His throne!

It is a great privilege for us to do the work of abolishing abortion in His name, and it is by His power that we look forward in hope for the day when this work will be fully accomplished.

Please don’t wait, register TODAY to join me in Frisco on Nov. 6.

I want to see you there,


Jeff Durbin

Jeff Durbin
Pastor, Apologia Church
End Abortion Now

P.S.  This is a great opportunity to meet other Christians fighting for equal protection and equal justice. You are needed in this work, we cannot do it alone. I hope you will join me. Don’t wait, register TODAY and join us in Frisco, Texas on November 6!