We are on the ground in Houston. Pray!

We are here at the Texas Republican convention in Houston.

Although thousands of the delegates have not yet arrived, we are working hard to gain support for our Resolution to Abolish Abortion from the committee members who will decide if it gets sent to the full body of delegates for consideration later this week.

Committee members within the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) spend the days leading up to the convention doing critical work that determines much of what will be brought to the floor of this convention for consideration by the delegates.

That’s why AATX is in Houston now.

We pray our voices will be heard by committee members making significant decisions about the priorities and direction of Texas Republicans in what may soon become a post-Roe America.

What we’re advocating for is very simple: equal protection under the law for preborn people.

This should be a slam dunk among Pro-Life Republican leaders …

… but it’s not.

The truth is that not all Republicans want the equal protection of the laws for babies. There are some here in Houston this week who certainly want the laws against murder to continue protecting their own lives but who will still advocate denying those same protections to helpless preborn babies.

It’s not right.

God is not pleased when we do for ourselves what we are unwilling to do for our weakest neighbors.

That’s what we’re here to stand against.

We are here to fight for strengthening the Principles, Priorities, and Platform of the RPT in 2022 instead of allowing them to be made weaker. And we are here to bolster support for our Resolution to Abolish Abortion.

We are taking advantage of opportunities for public testimony before the committees to answer objections and encourage RPT committee members to take a courageous, uncompromising stance.

You can watch the video above of my testimony before the Legislative Priorities committee on Monday and the great discussion with the committee members.

We are seizing every opportunity we can to educate committee members about equal protection and answer the questions they have.

This week is an incredible opportunity to reach some of the most politically active Republicans in Texas and help set the direction for Texas in the year to come. Not only that but what happens this week may reach way beyond Texas and influence the country and the world.

Many of you helped fund our efforts to be here and make the most of this opportunity. Thank you!

It’s going to be a very busy week! We need the blessing of the Lord on our efforts.

Pray for us and our team of volunteers.

Pray that we would providentially be in the right places at the right times. We plan to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with these grassroots leaders and put the pamphlets and postcards we designed specifically for this event in their hands.

Pray for those of us who will be testifying before the committees. Pray for many opportunities to be heard and for clarity of speech as we speak.

Pray for the hearts and minds of committee members as they hear about equal protection, that they would repent of any compromised strategies they may have and be emboldened with courage to do what is right. Pray that they would see that NOW is the time for decisive action.

Pray for the thousands of delegates we will interact with throughout the week, that they would be receptive to the message of equal protection for preborn babies.

Thank you for praying with and for us. May God be glorified by this effort!

For life, for justice, and for the glory of God,

Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce
Abolish Abortion Texas

P.S. If you can’t be with us here in Houston, please take this opportunity to invest in the work if you are able. Your donation today of $50, $100, $250, or any amount that you are able will ensure we finish this project strong and ready to fight the next fight. We cannot be there for defining moments like this one without the generous support of people like you!