Help keep the voice for equal protection strong!

Help keep the voice for equal protection strong!

Now that the evil, unconstitutional Roe opinion has finally been relegated to the trash heap where it always belonged, there is one less excuse for delaying equal protection for preborn babies.

Now is not the time for compromise.

Now is the time for action.

AATX is looking at the 2023 legislative session as an EXTREMELY important time for finding out who is ready to completely abolish abortion in Texas without compromise…

And who isn’t.

It’s true that abortion clinics had to shut down or move out of state. Praise God murder facilities are no longer operating in Texas!

But babies are still dying!

Right now, Texas law still protects the “right” of mothers to kill their own children all the way up to the moment of birth, as long as they do it on their own at home.

This is unacceptable.

It is more important than ever that the call for equal protection be heard in Austin and beyond.

AATX is well-positioned to be a leader in 2023 to press for the complete abolition of abortion and equal protection to be central issues in this post-Roe, legislative session.

But we can’t do it without the support of people like you.

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Your gift TODAY of $50, $100, $250, or even more will help ensure we can continue to be a strong and uncompromising voice for equal protection for ALL Texas babies until every single one is equally protected by law.

We want ALL BABIES equally protected by law. Do you?

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Babies shouldn’t be forgotten just because clinics have left Texas. We know that they are still in danger as self-managed pill abortions continue to increase in our state.

Roe is gone, but abortion has not yet been abolished.

For life, for justice, and for the glory of God,

Bradley Pierce

Bradley Pierce
Abolish Abortion Texas
Foundation to Abolish Abortion